Why Psychotherapy?

I truly believe that there is nothing more important than our mental and emotional health. We can often lose track of what we're actually striving for in life. Society leads us to believe we will get love and acceptance with things such as beauty, status and financial success. We get what we think we want and then there's something else missing... another void. The void is an emotional one - a lack of connection to self and other - a false belief that our worth is attached to what we do as opposed to who we are. Then we may not even know who we are because we've been trying to be something else. We may even believe that we are somehow intrinsically bad.

Therapy is a path to a new way of experiencing yourself and the world. Within the safety of a caring and supportive therapeutic relationship, you can cultivate a caring and supportive relationship WITH YOURSELF. Not only does a more positive relationship with yourself bring you greater power and fulfillment in your life; it can also change everything around you (relationships, career, lifestyle choices) and the way you SEE everything around you for the better.