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Psychotherapy for Millennials and Gen Xers

Millennials: The Struggle is Real

It's true, and you're not alone. In an age of instant information, external validation, and overstimulation; it's no wonder you're anxious and overwhelmed. Today's young adults face an incredible amount of decisions and pressures. You may be struggling with:

  • shaping a sense of personal identity and agency

  • feeling immense pressure to succeed, and shame for struggling

  • navigating online dating, intimate relationships and friendships

  • substance use and experiences on substances

  • choosing a career and being in the workforce

  • new realizations and feelings about your childhood or your family

  • challenges, insecurities, and fears that come with independence or the desire for independence

Perhaps you're feeling stuck and worried about making decisions regarding your future or being judged for the decisions you do make. Maybe you're starting to think about your upbringing and family in ways that are upsetting. You might be struggling with feelings of deep insecurity and fear around going after what you want; or, you may not know what you want in life. Perhaps you're in a cycle of behavior that you'd like to stop but don't know how. It's also possible not to know what's bothering you, but you have a general sense of stagnancy, fear or discomfort.

Millennials get a bad rap

Been called entitled, selfish or immature? Perhaps those older folks just don't get it. You've been told you were going to change the world (no pressure). In the meantime, also get a career, find a home... and cater to all that's expected of you. 

Following your passions and staying true to your values, that's what matters to you. Yet this is all the more difficult when you're trying to survive in the "real world" for the first time. Maybe your parents generation had it rough; so have you, but in a different way. You're up against constant rejection and failure in trying to make things happen, and putting yourself out there anyway. You're taking vulnerable risks, and attempting to bounce back somehow. Issues of race, sexual violence, and addiction flood your awareness. There's just too many things to care about, leaving you feeling paralyzed.    

You are suffering for a reason, and it's not your fault.

Research that shows millennials feel more pressure to succeed than any other generation, creating immense stress.

I work as a warm sounding board to assist you in better understanding what you're going though, and to support you in becoming more of who you are. Ready to look deep within? Contact me now!

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.
— William Faulkner

Late Generation Xers: The Lost Children

Perhaps you were a child of divorce. Maybe you were a latchkey kid. Star Wars was a staple of your childhood. Computers and video games were just beginning to be a thing. You ate food out of boxes and cans, when convenience was of the utmost importance. As a teen, you thought that getting your period or your first erection was the worst thing that ever happened to you. Then you went out and got a fake I.D. and stole cigarettes. You went to college. Now, aren't you supposed to be living the dream? Not. Even. Close.

You feel constant anxiety, panic and dread. Despite all the ways you've attempted to create a life you love, you just can't seem to enjoy it. Many Gen Xers I've seen in my practice actually suffer from complex trauma. This is a form of PTSD that stems from childhood abuse or neglect. Because you GenXers were latchkey kids, and had to fend for yourselves, you may not have gotten what you needed emotionally. Or, perhaps while your parent(s) were working, someone abused you sexually or physically hurt you. Maybe your parents got divorced, and you blamed yourself, leaving a lasting impression on your ideas about love and marriage. It's also possible that you grew up in an environment with corporal punishment. Even if you were raised by a single parent who was extremely stressed; despite their best efforts, you may have come to feel like the source of the problem.

It's possible to have the life you hoped for; it's our emotional wounds that often take the longest to heal.    

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