You’ve been white-knuckling it.

Hi, I’m Sara, a psychotherapist on the Oakland/Berkeley border in CA. I help people who yearn to be free from anxiety and depression, but feel crushed by a fear of judgment or rejection

Maybe the fear comes from the ways that you've been criticized for your intensity of feeling, experience as a woman, or your spirituality. Maybe your choices or beliefs go against the norm, and you need to know your therapist will “get” you.

You’ve been misunderstood too many times. You don’t need more judgment: you need a way out of this pain.

How do you know you’re in the right place?

  • On the outside, it looks like you have everything together; but on the inside, you feel broken.
  • Relationships make you anxious. People always seem to let you down.
  • You want to find a way to love yourself, but you’re suffocated by anxietyshame, and depression.
  • You're a woman who's survived trauma, been called "too sensitive," and you're ready to embrace your sensitivity as a gift.  
  • You’re looking for an "unconventional" therapist: someone who understands your culture, lifestyle, choices of medicine, or spiritual practices.
  • Psychedelic or spiritual experiences have been part of your healing, but they've turned your world inside-out.
  • Cannabis is your medicine of choice, but depression still has its grip on your ability to feel joy.
  • You want to sort though that huge pile of fear that gets in the way of connecting with yourself and other people.
Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.
— Miles Franklin

Many of us suffer alone, but we don't have to. 

Our conversations can help you:

  • gain perspective on your emotions, behaviors, and relationships (self-acceptance)
  • identify destructive beliefs, thoughts, and stories you tell yourself (paradigm-shift)
  • make choices that align with what will serve you best (agency)
  • discover inner allies and resources you never knew you had (self-reliance)
  • address pain, grieve losses, and find deeper meaning in your life

And then what happens?

You can start to like being you.

Self-love changes everything. That’s why I hope you call me today to set up a free phone consultation. My office is conveniently located on the Oakland/Berkeley border.