About Sara Ouimette, LMFT

Sara Ouimette, MFT, specializing in psychedelic integration, cannabis use, trauma, and women's issues.

Hi, I'm Sara Ouimette (pronounced "we met"), a psychotherapist on the Oakland/Berkeley border specializing in psychedelic integration and spiritual emergence, cannabis use, trauma and PTSD, women's issues, men’s issues, and millennials/late GenXers. I help people make the changes necessary to feel more joy in their lives. Often this involves a paradigm shift: a realization that the deeply held fears and beliefs that hold you back don’t need to be there. Over time, by shining a spotlight on the experiences that shaped you, and the stories you told yourself that no longer serve you, we’ll begin to help you shed that pain.

My Approach to Psychotherapy

My perspective on healing incorporates all aspects of the self: mental, emotional, physical, social, historical, cultural, and spiritual (or finding meaning). I view people as complex and unique multi-dimensional beings who are also greatly impacted by the larger systems of their past and their current family and culture. My work is influenced and enhanced by my own continuous pursuit of self-awareness and personal growth.

Clients describe me as warm, compassionate, interactive, and non-judgmental. My style focuses on developing trust so we can enter into a co-exploration of you and what you want and need. 

When we are no longer able to change a situation… we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Victor Frankl

Specialization in Cannabis Use and Psychedelic Integration

I developed a specialization in cannabis use and psychedelic integration because I’m acutely aware of the cultural misperceptions that exist when it comes to the use of these substances. They are powerful indeed, and worthy of caution and respect, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

It can be challenging to find healthcare professionals who hold this perspective, and I believe it’s important for those who accept the positive properties of psychedelics and cannabis to have a safe place to talk about their beliefs and experiences.

Psychedelic substances are so mighty, and so different, that it also helps to speak with someone informed about their possible effects, as well as after-effects. I constantly study how different substances work and follow different integration practices for different experiences.

Areas of Focus

Psychotherapy Education & Training

  • Licensed psychotherapist (LMFT #93508)

  • B.A. in Psychology, Claremont McKenna College

  • M.A. in Integrative Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, The Psychotherapy Institute

  • Ongoing training in trauma, cannabis use, psychedelic integration, and harm reduction

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  • Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

  • Member of The Psychotherapy Institute

  • Member of PINC (The Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California)

  • Member of The Society of Cannabis Clinicians

  • Supporter, adherence rater and volunteer at the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (M.A.P.S.)

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